Kate Beckinsale Candid Bikini Photos From Mexico


Opting to spend the sometime in the sun south of the border, a bikini-clad Kate Beckinsale and family were spotted living it up in Mexico last week. Yup, she went to Mexico and didn't get her head cut off. This is really big news! Anyway, she is very beautiful, in a normal sort of way. And as I understand it, the lady also has a lot of class. But what is with the stupid fucking shoes at the beach? Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Kathryn Bailey "Kate" Beckinsale (born July 26, 1973 in London, England) is an English actress, known for her roles in the films Pearl Harbor (2001), Underworld (2003) and Van Helsing (2004). www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com