Alex Torres, Hope Howell Skydiving Sex Video Under Investigation By FAA


Skydiving instructor by day, pornstar by night Alex Torres, is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after publishing a video of himself on his personal website having sex with a co-worker while skydiving. The French-Canadian porn star Alex Torres (who was born Alexandre Boisvert) and Skydive Taft receptionist Hope Howell made the sex tape as a publicity stunt. Watch the uncensored video below...

Toward the beginning of the video, Torres and Howell are seen having sex in a jump seat next to the pilot, just prior to jumping off, and then continue the act in midair. Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch said he learned of the incident after officers visited his office and asked him about the video that was somehow leaked and went viral after airing. The award-winning pornographic actor was trying to get on the Howard Stern Show.

Torres allegedly told the pilot he had been authorized to perform the sex stunt. Chrouch said that is a lie Torres made up in order to capture the attention of radio personality Howard Stern. Authorities say Torres had posted the video on his blog but removed it on Monday.

Alex Torres was fired from Skydive Taft, and his female co-worker, Hope Howell reprimanded. They do not face criminal charges, as everyone involved was of age, and engaging in sexual intercourse on a plane and midair is not a crime, unless someone complains about public indecency. The FAA investigations are centered on the possibility of the act distracting the pilot of the aircraft.

Chrouch asserted that the pilot was focused on flying the entire time, and at no point seemed to lose control of the plane, so there were no violations of Federal Aviation regulations.

The FAA however, is concerned that the foreplay in Alex Torres shenanigans which happened while Torres and Skydive Taft receptionist Hope Howell were still onboard the small aircraft, might have distracted, jostled or bumped the pilot flying the plane, which is a violation of Federal Aviation regulations.

This is totally not safe sex by any means!!!