Video of Girl Throwing Puppies Into A River Goes Viral, Michael Bay Joins Hunt For Her With $50,000 But Not Really


Warning: This is a graphic video! Don't watch it if you don't want to see animal abuse. A graphic video of an unknown blonde girl throwing puppies into a river appeared online, much to the consternation of animal-lovers everywhere. But don't fret, Michael Bay was hot on the case.

On Monday afternoon, this video was posted to a thread on /b/—the unruly, lawless "Random" board on the popular imageboard site 4chan—along with a characteristically sweet message: "Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river."

Michael Bay offered a $50,000 reward on his website yesterday, asking for any information about the video that has gone viral that shows the girl throwing puppies into a river one by one:

There is a disturbing video going around the news outlets. It’s a video of blonde young woman in a red sweatshirt casually tossing squealing puppies into the fast-moving river one by one.
Michael Bay has informed me that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.

I want my $50,000 reward:

Name: Katja Puschnik
Age: 19
Address: Münchener Straße.16b, 85653 Aying, Germany
Email address:
Facebook account: Katja Obst, /profile.php?id=1342291300&ref=sgm
Telephone number (parents): +49 8095 1782
School: Gymnasium Ottobrunn
School email address:
School telephone number: +49 89 6066650
Volleyball Team: Spvgg Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, vvv .volleyball-svh [dot] de/node/19
Location of puppy throwing: Mangfall

The post offering the reward no longer exist on Bay's website for whatever reason, but here is a screencap from before he remove it. I guess when he realize he would have to make good on the offer he changed his mind. Damn, I don't know who I hate more... Michael Bay or the dumb evil bitch throwing puppies in a fast flowing river. The fucker really took back his offer!

Though Katja Puschnik was the first girl named, others are saying it is actually girl from Bosnia named Antonia Miskic. This profile might be a public Facebook page for her. There is a very active Facebook group dedicated to finding this bitch, whoever it is, here. Estimated to be in her late teens or early twenties, the identity of the girl in the video is the goal of "Find the Girl Who Threw Puppies in River" fan page already has over 31,500 followers.

The anonymous Internet users of 4chan's /b/ messageboard uncovered the identity of the young girl and the person holding the camera even before Bay made his offer. Their investigation points to teens in Germany at first and then a couple teens in Bosnia, and Bosnian police have launched an investigation into the video. (And the girl in question from Germany may have already offered an apology via Youtube.)

The person who posted this "apology" video might just using the wrong girl's name as a cover. I could be wrong. But why would someone link their name to this willingly? This is someone's idea of a joke on an innocent person.

Some reports have speculated the video may be a hoax, and that the video's makers may be intending to capture viral notoriety. Anyway, screw you Michael Bay! That is something we can all agree on. But if any of 4chan's anonymous users want to claim the reward, you can email Michael Bay at

Avril Lavigne Bikini Nipple Slip While Getting Flirty At The Beach


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Wiki Bio


Avril Lavigne Whibley better known by her birth name of Avril Lavigne (pronounced /ˈævrɨl ləˈviːn/; born September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian Grammy award-nominated pop punk singer, musician, fashion designer and actress. In 2006, Canadian Business Magazine ranked her the seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood.

Lavigne's debut album, Let Go, was released in 2002. Over 16 million copies were sold worldwide and it was certified six times platinum in the United States. Her second and third albums, Under My Skin (2004) sold 8 million copies and The Best Damn Thing (2007) currently over 5 million copies sold respectively, reached number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. Lavigne has scored six number one songs worldwide to date and a total of eleven top ten hits, including "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", "I'm with You", "My Happy Ending", and "Girlfriend" which became #1 hits in the ARC Top 40. She's ranked #50 on VH1's "50 Greatest Women Of The Video Era" show list and came 41st on "The Top Acts Of The Noughties. " In December 2007, Lavigne was ranked at #7 in the Forbes "Top 20 Earners Under 25", with an annual earnings of $12 million. Currently, Avril Lavigne has sold about 30 million albums worldwide.


Adrianne Curry Nude Shower Photo For Twitter Followers


Adrianne Curry made a promise to her followers to pose naked in the shower and recently made good on that promise. She put that photo and caption it "I always keep my promises." Hot but nude to me a nude woman involved nipples and vagina. But I am not sure how her husband, Christopher Knight feels about the photo but if I were him, I would be pretty upset. She should just become a nude model already. The always outrageous and never shy America's Top Model winner shocked fans when she tweeted a naked photo of herself to all her Twitter followers. To become a follower of this epic camwhore her Twitter page is She may have a whorish streak in her. After all, not many celebrities post Twitpics of themselves in the shower, soaped up in their full naked glory. God bless Adrianne and her complete obsession with Twitter. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Adrianne Marie Curry (born August 6, 1982 in Joliet, Illinois, U.S.A.) is an American model, best known as the first winner of the reality television series America's Next Top Model. She is married to Christopher Knight, who portrayed Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. She also runs a weekly show on the NowLive radio network, in which she is an investor.