Whitney Port Bikini Pictures From Hawaii


Here are some Whitney Port bikini pictures from Waikiki, Hawaii on Sunday. Whitney Port was seen making-out with some guy (Ben Nemtin) and flaunting her bikini body all over the place again. Whitney Port and her boyfriend share kisses by the pool at the Marriott Waikiki Edition Luxury Hotel. And, she was seen reading a bunch of celebrity magazine thus proving once and for all that people like her love to read about themselves. Because you just know she has all those magazines to loo for her name in them and to read the latest gossip about herself. You might think this seem as vain as spending hours admiring yourself in the mirror and you would be right. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Whitney Eve Port (born March 4, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States) is formerly, and most famous for being a part of the MTV reality television series The Hills. She is a former fashion contributor for Teen Vogue, and stars in her own reality series The City.

From 2005–2007, Port was an intern with Conrad. The final episode of season two showed Port interviewing at Vogue headquarters in New York for the position of "Fashion Contributor" at Teen Vogue. The episode dramatized the competition between Port and another young woman, Emily Weiss, who had previously appeared in season two as an intern visiting from New York. It was revealed in the season three premiere that Port was awarded the job, and was employed by Teen Vogue in Los Angeles. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


Singapore's Dr Joseph Ong, Founder Of Temasek Review, Just Got His Spy Cam Sex Tape Exposed


Politics in Singapore just got a little more interesting! Recently, Dr. Joseph Ong Chor Teck was exposed by The New Paper as the founder of a local political website by the name of Temasek Review (TR) and the now defunct Wayang Party blog. The New Paper playfully called him"Doctor who?" because his identity was a mystery for so long. Shockingly, the man behind the controversial websites was discovered to be a medical doctor to the surprise of everyone. His political websites became notorious because of their shape criticism of the Singaporean Government, it's allegations against many people and political groups, threats to sue opponents in Singapore and other hard tactics. Temasek Review is one of the most popular socio-political websites in Singapore is access by at least 20,000 readers daily. And now there is a sex video circulating on the Internet allegedly of Dr. Joseph Ong Chor Teck with a prostitute.

Download the Sex Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Dr. Joseph Ong's websites have made him a long list of enemies in a very short period of time. Unbranded Bread n Butter compiled a short-list of people and groups that were attacked by websites now linked to the doctor:

1) Workers’ Party – the Wayang Party Blog owes its origins to mysterious “wayang party” fliers outside the WP 50th anniversary dinner. The press did an email interview with the site, only for the owner to deny involvement. Perhaps the Malay boys he had paid to put up the fliers will now have a name to go with his face.

2) SPH – TR has accused SPH and its blogger Geoffrey Pereira for grabbing contents of his site and initiating a DOS attack on it.

3) Remy Choo – Wayang Party informant exposes TOC then editor Remy Choo’s links to the PAP and begins inserting Trojan horses into the group

4) Kent Ridge Common – TR co-ops KRC writer Kelvin Teo and attempts to steal its intellectual property.

5) Teo Ho Pin – Wayang Party harasses Northwest CDC and alleges that staff there received 8 months bonuses

6) Foyce Le Xuan – TR ‘writer’ claims possession of sex tape between Foyce and Jack Neo.

7) YPAP – TR launches personal attacks against YPAP member Jack Lin and reveals his homosexual inclinations. TR also persistently attack YPAP leader Sinha Shekhar and attempts to get HDB to investigate him for illegal renting of HDB flat.

And since his name was made public as the man behind Temasek Review, the investment company Temasek Holdings has delivered a letter to Dr. Joseph Ong Chor Teck, asking him to drop the name "Temasek Review" from his website. The investment house's annual performance review has been called Temasek Review since 2004 and electronic versions are posted on it's website. This year's edition is called Temasek Report 2010 but Temasek Holdings said that the socio-political news site's that changed it's name from 'The Wayang Party' to 'The Temasek Review' in 2009 appeared to have been done so 'capitalizing on the goodwill and reputation' of the name. Temasek Holdings has challenged Dr. Ong to 'live up' to the website's claims of valuing 'transparency, accountability and responsibility' and 'do the responsible thing to change the name of the website'. Legal action might be taken against Dr Joseph Ong on this matter.

But Dr. Ong has other things to think about now other than angry letters and lawsuits. People have been trying to dig up everything on him since the reports revealing the true identity of the anonymous writer of TR as Dr Joseph Ong. You would think a man with so many enemies would be more careful and avoid being in the situation to get recorded on a hidden spy cam. Or is this video a self-taped sex video he made himself because no one knew who he was before The New Paper ran the revealing story? One thing is for sure, we will never know who is really behind this leaked sex video. The funny thing is a TR 'writer' once claimed possession of sex tape between Foyce Le Xuan and Jack Neo. But the only sex tape in the possession of TR must be of it's founder. The hidden cam sex tape of Dr. Joseph Ong first came to the attention of GutterUncensored.com last week when we received an email from a confidential source. Here is a potion of that email:
I have a sex scandal tape from Singapore that I thought you might find titillatingly worthy of a site like yours. I trust you will keep my email confidential.:)

Sometime in 2007, a local blog called the Wayang Party Club (wayangparty.com) was created to harass local opposition party Workers’ Party. “Wayang” here is linked to a malay traditional performance art of shadow puppet theater termed “wayang kulit”.

The mysterious owner of this famous Singapore blog then changed this site to Temasek Review (temasekreview.com) I think sometime in 2009. What is interesting about this guy is that he went by many names and harassed many people ranging from opposition political parties, politicians, rival social political blogs and community leaders.

Now the fun part. Last weekend, a local tabloid paper ran a front page story to expose the identity of the owner of the site, a local practicing doctor by the name Joseph Ong Chor Teck. He was caught distributing posters calling for the resignation of a poltician. With this revelation, the local internet community has gone wild trying to surface more information on this doctor.

So far what is known is that he has graduated from prestigious schools (Raffles Juinor College and National University) and practices at a private clinic (Healthway Medical Clinic). Pictures of him are also appearing showing him at events that Temasek Review had covered. Needless to say, his style of concocting local scandals and spreading of lies is catching up with him in a big way. Some examples I can think of now is him spreading rumours of a opposition politician’s mistress, claims of having his site DOSed by a local press firm, and countless exclusive exposes involving various prominent persons.

A few good resources for you to catch the flavour of it all (under the category “Temasek Review vs TNP”): http://singaporedaily.net/2010/10/11/daily-sg-11-oct-2010/.

You can also see http://josephongchorteck.wordpress.com.

Now the Juicy part……

Being an accomplished purveyor of adult AV and amateur porn, I am proud and freaking excited to say that I believe I have uncovered a self-taped sex video of Dr Joseph Ong!

I didn’t believe it at first but careful inspection of images of him only validate my finding. I have compiled a fancy collage of his pictures against stills of the video and you can see for yourself......

I will see if I can dig out more videos of his. I think I’ve seen his naked butt more than once. :)

The link to the video is here*******************************************

It has been a while since we had a good scandal from Singapore…… have fun!

Okay, sounds interesting. But how you may ask how was the journalists able to obtain his identity. Well, according to his own Temasek Review site:
TR Exclusive: Police leaked confidential information to The New Paper journalist

October 7th, 2010 | Author: Editorial

A formal complaint has been lodged with Mr Benny Lim, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs against the Singapore Police Force for allegedly leaking confidential information obtained during a police investigation, to a journalist from The New paper.

The complainant, Mr Joseph Ong was called up last year by Ang Mo Kio Police Division for investigation into a minor offence case. No further action was taken against him and he was given a conditional warning by the Head Investigation of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, DSP Chris Voo Hong Ping.

In his email addressed to the Permanently Secretary, Ong wrote that he was approached by a journalist from The New Paper in his office today who wanted to interview him on his one year-old case, which he refused.

Obviously perturbed by his refusal, the journalist, Ng Wan Cheng (Hp no: 9823 0493) claims that even without his input, she will still continue to write her story and publish it anyway because she had done all the necessary fact finding on his case and merely wanted to hear his side of the story.

To prove her point, she went on to reveal details which Ong had ONLY provided to the Investigating Officer who took his statement last year.

A shocked Mr Joseph Ong then called the Investigating Officer and Head Investigation of Ang Mo Kio Police Division who replied and confirm that “information provided to the police during an investigation is strictly confidential and may not be communicated to outside parties not privy to the investigation.” This was concurred by a lawyer friend he subsequently contacted.

When contacted by Temasek Review in a follow-up email interview, Mr Joseph Ong remarked that: “I am perturbed that such supposedly confidential information was leaked to the press which will surely erode public confidence in the Singapore Police Force. “

When asked if he will consider legal action against the parties responsible, he said: “I will need to consult my lawyer further before deciding on the course of action (to take) but I will not rule that out.”

Amanda Tan

Editor’s note: Email was sent to Mr Benny Lim and copied to Attorney-General Chambers, Police Public Relations Branch, Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Chairman of SPH and Temasek Review.

Yeah, he actually post publicly the reporter's phone number in on his website. LOL... And basically indirectly confirm the story in The New Paper by saying the "police leaked confidential information." The New Paper report "Dr Ong of Healthway Medical Clinic had informed police that he founded the TR site." So yeah, TR confirm the story form The New Paper by posting the above article. So I cannot wait for the article on Temasek Review about Dr Joseph Ong's spy cam sex tape. Doubtfully the "minor offence case" the Police Division were investigating had to do with the sex video or of him frequenting prostitutes because prostitution is legal in Singapore. And to be honest, fucking prostitutes is like the national pastime of the awesome city-state that is Singapore. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Sex Video Screen Shots:

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Dr Joseph Ong Spy Cam Sex Tape Exposed Video Scandal

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Dr. Joseph Ong Chor Teck is the founder of Temasek Review (TR) website and the now defunct Wayang Party blog. He is also a practicing medical doctor from Singapore, and is practicing as a GP for Healthway Medical Group in Sengkang. Dr. Joseph Ong received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2004. He is a graduated from several prestigious schools including Raffles Juinor College and National University. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


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Brett Favre Cheats On Wife With Reporter And Playboy Pinup Jenn Sterger, Also Send Penis Photos To This Mistress


Husband, father and grandfather and former Green Bay Packers and New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre 'allegedly' sent photos of his penis to former Jets reporter and Playboy pinup Jenn Sterger in an attempt to woo her back in 2008, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you get to see his wiener, too. And Brett Favre is said to have a list of mistresses more so than Tiger Woods! OMG! NO FUCKING WAY! Is that even possible? One of the top celebrity scandal attorneys said to reporters, "I have been approached by numerous females claiming that they have had affairs with Brett Favre." Rumors about Brett Favre sexting and sexually harassing a sideline reporter may sound too far fetched especially for some hardcore Brett Favre fans. That is until you meet Jenn Sterger (check out the Jenn Sterger Playboy pics below) and her two artificially enhance twins. Then you will see why most men, even Brett Favre, would be powerless. Turns out that 'harassing' was flirting because she was his mistress in New York before he left for Minnesota.

And like the Tiger Woods' mistresses, Jenn Sterger want a big pay day. Sterger's manager, Phil Reese, has issued a statement that Sterger wants a "proper resolution" that is in her "best interest" which undoubtedly means that she want money. So Favre has to make the prudent decision to write a check aimed at securing a commitment to full confidentiality. Yeah, Jenn has based her whole career on her sex appeal and Brett fell for the pussy trap like a dumb football player. She is no longer his mistress since he left the Jets to join the Vikings so she is going back to the old well for the big payout. Pictures of what are believed to be Brett Favre's private parts that Favre allegedly took of himself and then sent to a fellow Jets employee Jenn Sterger were leaked a few weeks ago. Along with some interesting and very horny voicemails... Fox News report:

[There was also a] string of missives and voice mails in an attempt by the married Favre to charm buxom brunette beauty Jennifer Sterger, who is currently a co- host of “The Daily Line.”

The voice mails and MySpace messages — as well as three raunchy pictures of a man’s genitals — were posted in a cringe-inducing two-minute video on the sports blog Deadspin.com.

The gravelly voice caught on tape sounds remarkably like the quarterback propositioning Sterger, 26, a former Playboy pinup, in voice mails from 2008, when both were with [the Jets].

Note to Brett Farve! You are a married man dude... Not to even mention leaving photographic evidence to be used against you in divorce court is not very bright. And who in the hell send pictures of his flaccid (see NSFW dick pictures after the NSFW topless chick pictures below) penis anyway? A limp penis drooping to one side just looks sad and defeated, like a quarterback who just threw an overtime interception in a NFC playoff game. Needless to say, the idiots at the NFL have launched an investigation into this scandal. What is there to investigate? The woman (mistress) has yet to file a compliment with the NFL and they know a lot of their players have mistresses and ill-thought out voicemails and text message so why open the flood gate?

Anyway, here is the good part of the whole 'Brett Favre Penis Gate' mess that finally forced us to post this story. The good part is that we get to see the topless titties of Brett's mistress or 'alleged' mistress Jenn Sterger from her college days. Apparently she spend a lot of time showing off her huge fake boobs as a student at Florida State University. She was a journalism major in college, preparing for her professional career when she decided to do a nude test shoot for Playboy. These Jenn Sterger topless pictures sure do show off the finer journeyman skills of this depth sports reporter. And, lets throw in a few sexy Jenn Sterger Maxim photos and a few huge cleavage candids from her FSU days just to be sure we were covering all her angles, like a good journalist should. Brett Farve's penis is at the very end... Click on pictures to enlarge.

From Maxim:

FSU college cleavage days:

Brett's penis:


Brett Favre's alleged voicemails! In the video here (parts of which are NSFW due to penis photos at 2:08 mark), you'll see and hear all the strange messages Jenn Sterger received from someone she said is Brett Favre:

The Taiwanese media have been working overtime this week to pump out yet another great piece of pop culture CGI via this video of the Brett Favre penis gate story:

(In case you want to debate which one is better, here is the Tiger Woods CGI video.)

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Wiki Bio


Jennifer "Jenn" Lynette Sterger (born November 29, 1983 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A) is a model and television personality, and former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. In August 2008, the New York Jets hired her to be the "Gameday Host" for the team. Sterger has upcoming minor roles in two films scheduled to be released in 2010, The Tenant and Don't Fade Away. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


Brett Lorenzo Favre (pronounced /ˈfɑrv/; born October 10, 1969 in Gulfport, Mississippi, U.S.A.) is an American football quarterback in the National Football League. He is a 20-year veteran, having started at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (1992–2007) and Minnesota Vikings (2009–present). He also played a single season each for the Atlanta Falcons (1991) and New York Jets (2008). Favre is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 70,000 yards and the only quarterback to ever throw over 500 touchdowns.

Favre started at the quarterback position for the University of Southern Mississippi for four years before being selected in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft by Atlanta (33rd overall). He was traded to Green Bay on February 10, 1992, for the 19th pick in the 1992 NFL Draft.

Favre became the Packers' starting quarterback in the fourth game of the 1992 season, and started every game through the 2007 season. He was traded to the New York Jets and started at quarterback for the 2008 season before signing with the Vikings on August 18, 2009 as their starting quarterback. He has made an NFL record 289 consecutive starts (313 including playoffs). www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com