Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo Alleged Sex Scandal With Sex Tape And Nude Pictures Plus Shocking Documents


Here is the purported
leaked sex tape of Han Sung-ju (한성주) aka Han Sung Joo which is causing a major uproar in South Korea... She is a 37-year-old Korean Newswoman and former Miss Korea 1995. People are stunned to learn Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo is allegedly involved in a sex scandal. This sex scandal involve nude photos, sex videos and stocking documents of the popular Korean TV news anchor and former beauty queen. The sharing of this sex tape and photos is a crime in the Korea and the Korean government is active in trying to remove these scandalous images and video from the Internet but it is now the most searched for video in the country. Along with the sex video there are documents indicating that Han Sung Joo allegedly had an abortion in Hong Kong in 2010 a mouth after the nude sex photos and sex video were made. In the photos and video a woman said to be Han Sung Joo is seen having unprotected sex with an unidentified man. Take a look for yourself with these streaming videos:

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Han Sung-ju (한성주) also known as Han Sung Joo, who was Miss Korea 1995 and is a current news anchor, allegedly has a sex tape and nude pictures leaked to the internet. The sorted details of her life is now the hottest topic of conversation in Korea. So if you haven't heard yet, let me get you up to speed: Basically an ex-boyfriend of the beauty queen turn newswoman is seeking revenge for what he says was mistreatment by his ex-girlfriend and he is sick and tired of the way she treated people. He is alleging he was kidnap and tortured by Han Sung-ju's family.

His idea of the perfect revenge was to call up a friend and release nude photos along with a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend for the world to see. This all might sounds like she has seriously pissed off a couple guys that don't play and/or these guys are psychopaths with some serious dirt on her, because the sex tape and nude pictures aren't even the worst part of this scandal, as they also have leaked documented evidence of an abortion she had in Hong Kong only a mouth and a half after the nude sex photos and sex video were made. She paid for the abortion with her American Express credit card which amount to 29,893.00 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). And since they also posted a copy of her passport the authenticity of this leak is hard to argue against. Initially, it was just reported as a rumor with the name of Han Sung Joo redacted and replaced with celebrity "A" in reports:

The video was uploaded by individual ‘C’, who claims to be the friend of ‘B’, the ex-boyfriend of celebrity ‘A’. Explaining why they uploaded the video, ‘C’ explained, “I was sick and tired of ‘A’ being so selfish and fake, always hurting all the people that she is surrounded by.”

More details regarding C’s reasons could not be confirmed, however, individual A’s nude photos were shared along with her passport photo.

But the connections weren't hard to make
. Allkpop report:

Official sources have not yet confirmed the identities of the three individuals, but various reports refer to celebrity ‘A’ as Han Sung Joo, a 1995 Miss Korea model and current news anchor.

Though unconfirmed, the former pageant queen bears a striking resemblance to the female in the sex tape. Netizens allege that she seems to be the only celebrity that fits the descriptions that have been released.

Meanwhile, individual ‘C’ (the person responsible for leaking the video) posted the following on his personal blog today: “The image you see of ‘A’ on TV is completely fabricated. She is the kind of person who believes the world revolves around herself.”

Following C’s lead, ‘B’ shared the same video on his blog as well as a scanned copy of A’s passport photo and her hospital records, solidifying rumors about A’s identity. ”The passport picture that ‘B’ released also provides weight to the claim that Han Sung Joo is the celebrity in question.”

“Don’t be fooled by her exterior,” B continued. “She’s even urinated on my laptop once. She is utterly selfish, arrogant and self-centered. After being in a relationship with her, I learned what a narcissistic, two-faced person she is. No one knows what she is capable of. She will aggressively retaliate against you, even if it means that she needs to break the law,” he continued.

And in regards to celebrity ‘A’ taking legal action against him, ‘B’ remarked, “Her suing me will not change the past. If I was only trying to defame her character to a certain extent, I wouldn’t even have started all of this. If need be, I will gladly go to court.”

‘B’ also responded to the public, who argued that this was an invasion of personal privacy. “I’m just trying to tell my unfortunate personal story. Everything I’m saying is 100% true. How is that an invasion of privacy? I would like to reiterate the point that the female in the video is indeed TV personality, ‘celebrity A’.

This sex scandal was first leaked on the blog
http://hansjtruth.blogspot.com/ (since removed by Google) by the person claiming to be a friend of the ex-boyfriend of Han Sung Joo. This blog was removed within a 48 hours of the first leak leading me to believe the South Korean government contacted Google to have it removed. The author of the blog call himself "lonelyplanet74truth" and has filed a report with Google asking to have his blog restored at http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=20f858e639828ec9 and listed his location as Hong Kong. The first post on the blog was titled "The Real Han Sung Ju" and included the following information:


Sex Tape ->

Sex Photo(s) ->

Medical Record Showing Abortion ->

Passport Image ->


Han Sung Ju is a former Miss Korea (1995) and announcer in South Korea. This article reveals the truth about her two-sides, her manipulations, and her continual lies to the Korean public. She is a narcissist in purest form. Her plastic-surgery appearance, fakery, and broadcast image enable her to deceive the general public. In actuality, she defines selfishness and cares for only one cause, her own self image.

Source: This author interviewed Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend of more than 1 year. During this time, the two lived together and traveled extensively. The author has reviewed pages of supporting documents (medical records, correspondences, photos, videos) to establish validity. All statements made below are factual and supported with physical evidence.

Why: After months of deliberation and observation, Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend decided not to let the public deception persist. Through his observations of her trickery, her methods, he lost his belief in humankind, goodness, and genuine charity.


a) Han Sung Ju’s boyfriend was severely assaulted and threatened by Han Sung Ju’s brother, mother, brother’s friends, and family lawyers. During this time, he was held hostage in Han Sung Ju’s apartment (at Bucksan apartments in Kumho-dong) and forced to fingerprint documents in blood red. A police report with images and evidence were later filed and is available for review.

b) Han Sung Ju has aborted/killed at least 2 children while being pregnant. See supporting medical record attached here, which is the abortion surgery she performed most recently in Hong Kong.

c) Han Sung Ju lies repeatedly on television. She has repeatedly received plastic surgery, most apparently to her breasts, eyes, and face. She frequently lies publicly about her body. See images attached which are self-explanatory.

d) Han Sung Ju portrays an image of innocence and charisma. The attached sex video shows otherwise. The lies are too many to count.

e) Han Sung Ju is portrayed as a representative of charity, volunteer, and non-profit causes in Korea, most recently in MBC’s Memories of Koica filmed in Paraguay, South America. In her private life, she takes zero interest in any charitable causes. The moment she is off camera, she only cares to view and archive photos/videos of herself. What is shown on TV is fake, a scam. There is no true charity in her heart. She views the world as an image of herself.

f) Han Sung Ju’s prior divorce (after 10 months of marriage) was no coincidence. She lies, manipulates, possesses, and is intolerable to anybody who truly knows her. This author has never known a greater narcissist.

g) Han Sung Ju did not write the book published under her name. It is plagiarism. In actuality, she knows little of the subject matter she writes about. She seeks to soon publish a new book, again a lie promoting an image of charity and volunteering. In actuality, it is meant only as a PR tool to boost her false public image as she ages (she is now 38 years old).

Protection: All records have been backed up and safeguarded. Many more records are available. The author believes Han Sung Ju’s family will lie, assault, and maybe kill to prevent the truth from being exposed. Embassies and police authorities have been informed. Any harm that comes to the author or Han Sung Ju’s prior boyfriend will be prosecuted and made public. Both the author and Han Sung Ju’s prior boyfriend are fully willing for any legal consequences (all statements made can be readily evidenced) and will consider speaking freely to the press.

In the second post on the blog the following information was posted. In this the referred victim is Han Sung Ju's ex-boyfriend:

- The victim has received thousands of emails from concerned Koreans and media. Thank you for the support and understanding in this instance of trauma.
- The victim is just a regular person telling a true and sad story about the narcissism, crimes, and double-sides of Han Sung Ju. Beneath the surface, she is selfish, manipulative, and conniving.
- Everything mentioned is 100% true and supported by mountains of physical evidence that will be happily presented in any court of law. To repeat, complete 100% truth only.
- The victim welcomes any legal battle and is confident the truth will be made very clear.
- There is no invasion of privacy here, only presentation of truth. A public figure should face proper consequences, like every other human, when committing crimes (physical assault, kidnapping, strip searching, threats of killing of family and the victim).
- To repeat, on Tuesday March 29th, the victim was physically assaulted, beaten, and life-threatened by Han Sung Ju's brother, mother, and brother's 2 male friends while being watched by Han Sung Ju's family lawyers and Han Sung Ju. The victim tried to escape, only to be beaten more severely on the floor and forced to fingerprint documents in blood red.
- The location was Han Sung Ju's apartment residence at Bucksan Apt 102-301. Kumho-dong, Sungdong-gu, Seoul. The beating and kidnapping lasted for 8 hours. His belongings and body were strip searched and photographed. His bloody clothes were removed and he was forced to change. The victim was driven to Incheon airport by Sung Ju's brother and 2 other males to be sent away from Korea, so a police report in Korea was impossible.
- Immediately on landing, the victim was hospitalized for major wounds then later filed an extensive police report with appropriate authorities.
- Note that Han Sung Ju has not denied any allegations or their accuracy, only attempting to silence the victim. The victim has taken appropriate measures to protect his family and himself. Law enforcement officials have been notified.
- The first time Sung Ju met the victim in Seoul, she proudly displayed a video of fans admiring and photographing her body, telling him she was Miss Korea and the most beautiful woman in the world. All through her home are images of herself. All gifts received were images of her.
- This is ultimately a statement against narcisissm and exposing the truth about Han Sung Ju's 2 sides, as well as the terrible assault that occured to the victim in Seoul.

This is one hell of a story, but in most cases, people need to see it to believe it, so I will let you decide whether it is her for yourself. I dunno about you guys, but the video and images seems legitimate to me. The two guys involved in leaking this scandal have alleged some serious crime by Han's family including kidnap and torture. And because of her celebrity status and/or the wealth and power of the family the police have not taken action. Of course, even if everything does check out as authentic, it doesn't mean revenge is right. But what has already been made public on the internet cannot be made private against so why not take a peek right? In addition to the pictures, there were two video clips that are about three minutes long that you can download below. We will start with a few intimate photos... Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

This chick is like the Paris Hilton of Korea with a rich family plus leaked nude photos, sex tapes and leaked abortion receipt. Here are the documents indicating she had an abortion in Hong Kong at the end of 2010. And a scan of her passport:

Here are some glam shots of the Korean beauty queen turn news anchor:

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Han Sung Joo Leaked Sex Tape Part 1

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Han Sung Joo Leaked Sex Tape Part 2

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Han Sung-ju (한성주) also known as Han Sung Joo (born September 23, 1974 in Seoul, South Korea) is a Korean model, beauty queen and TV news anchor. She is Miss Korea 1995 and a former SBS announcer. She was crowned Miss Korea 1995, and represented Korea in the Miss Universe 1995 pageant. Han graduated from Korea University.

Han Sung Ju married the third son of AeKyung cosmetics and detergent conglomerate chairwoman Chang Young-shin in 1999 but divorced just 10 months later. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


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